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Mutt's Morning Out

The Vanderburgh Humane Society is excited to announce our newest pilot program “Mutt’s Morning Out!”Mutt’s Morning Out allows members of the gener...

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Hacienda Give-Back Tuesday, March 19th

Join us at Hacienda West (5440 Pearl Drive in Evansville) and present your voucher for 20% of your bill to come back to the Vanderburgh Humane Society's ani...

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2018 Statistics

Our 2018 Infographic is here! Please refer below for 2018 numbers. Some of these statistics are highlighted and elaborated upon below.Download the 2018 Infographic Here!2...

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The No-Kill Myth

It's one of the first things people notice about an animal shelter or rescue organization these days. Some people even ask us outright. "Are you no-kill?" &...

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Hoarding: The Problem With: "If Only I Had a Big Farm..."

One of the phrases we hear most often in sheltering is "If only I had a big farm..." followed by something like, "I'd take them all home," "I...

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Dreaming of an Easter Bunny? Adopt, Don't Buy!

THE EASTER BUNNY PROBLEMEvery year around this time, the commercial world slaps pictures of beautiful tiny baby bunnies all over everything. Pictures with the Easter bunn...

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