I Found Kittens!

Welcome to the "I found a litter of kittens under my [insert building here] Club!"

The VHS takes dozens of calls like this each month. Sometimes, kittens are genuinely in need of human intervention. But other times they are not. 

Open the CASA poster below from The Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw, to determine whether the kittens need your help:

Should You Bring Her Into Your "CASA?"

If you determine that the kittens do need help, please contact our Intake Department at (812) 426-2563, option 2. It's important to note that we usually cannot take stray litters of kittens the same day you find them. You may need to hold onto them for a few days until we have available cages, and appointment times to examine & vaccinate them. If that is the case, we can often provide basic food & supplies to you while you temporarily foster them. Arrangements can be discussed with our Intake Department.