I’ve lost a pet.

We’re so sorry your pet is missing. If your pet is lost, please make sure to do all of the following:

  • Call us at (812) 426-2563 to see if someone has brought your pet to us. Time is of the essence. We no longer record lost animal reports in our database, you can view all the stray animals currently in our custody at the green button below.

  • Post your pet’s photo and information on the Evansville Lost Pets Facebook page as soon as possible.

  • Check Evansville Animal Care and Control in person immediately after your pet goes missing. Time is of the essence!

  • Utilize Pawboost (below) and Petco Love Lost. Both are online lost pet databases and are free!

  • If your pet is microchipped, be sure your pet’s microchip information is updated with the company (Michelson Found Animals, 24PetWatch, Avid, HomeAgain, etc.) so that you can be reached easily.

  • If you are missing a cat: DO NOT put your cat's used litterbox outside! This is a common piece of advice but it is not effective. While your cat may be able to smell their own litterbox, what you're more likely to do is attract new cats roaming the neighborhood. Then, if those new cats use that litterbox or spray around your home, your cat may then be afraid to come home!

  • If you are missing a cat: Your cat is most likely to be within a one-block radius of your home. They are very good at hiding. Check under neighbors' and your own porches, sheds, and crawlspaces. Shine a flashlight underneath parked cars, bushes, and buildings at night looking for eyes glowing. Ask you neighbors to check in their garages and outbuildings in case your cat has accidentally been shut inside and can't get out. Comb every nook & cranny near your home. Your cat probably hasn't gone far!

  • Make flyers with your pet’s picture, details, and your contact information. Make sure they are LARGE (bigger than a standard sheet of paper!) and try to use neon-colored posterboard & big letters to attract drivers' attention.

  • Notify people who regularly walk your neighborhood, such as neighbors, the mail carrier, the meter reader, etc. Give them copies of your flyer.

  • Notify Animal Controls and shelters in the adjoining counties. Pets can travel very far very quickly, especially if they’re afraid.

  • Browse Facebook and Craigslist sale ads for pets being sold that sound like your pet. As tragic as it is, pet theft does happen, and time is of the essence when looking for a pet who may have been stolen just to be “flipped,” or sold for money online. Microchips are your best defense against pet theft.

    Additional Lost Pet Tips from Maddie's Fund
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