Resolutions? Let Us Help!

Jan 02, 2024

Resolutions? Let Us Help!

Whatever your New Year's Resolutions are, the animals at the Vanderburgh Humane Society are here to help! Here are the top 10 Resolutions according to Parade, and how you can achieve them by getting involved with us.

1) Lose weight 
You want to know a super fun way to lose weight? Take twelve giant wiggly 70-lb. dogs who have been holding their bladders all night, out for their twice-daily potty & playtime. Become a Dog Care & Cleaning volunteer!

2) Improve your finances
Buying reused items instead of new is a great way to keep your budget in balance. We've got you covered. Shop at the Happy Tails Resale Shop and find some great deals on used (and sometimes brand-new!) things while helping homeless pets at the same time!

3) Exercise
See #1 -- shelter dogs can be bonkers. Can't commit to being a regular volunteer? Attend Cardio for Canines and just show up on Saturday mornings to take a dog for a walk in the park at Garvin! (Or maybe they'll walk you. Hard to say.)

4) Get a new job
The VHS is always accepting applications for Animal Care Technicians, and occasionally has other open positions as well. See current listings here!

5) Eat healthier
Need more vegetables in your diet? Adopt a rabbit! They need daily fresh greens. (And much more than just carrots -- they actually can't have very much carrot in a day!) You can share your "salad" with your bunny. Browse adoptable ones here!

6) Manage stress better
It's a well-known fact that petting an animal reduces your stress level. How about grabbing a yummy beverage and sitting in a relaxing cafe with 16 adoptable cats? Make a reservation at River Kitty Cat Cafe and feel your stress level diminish!

7) Stop smoking
The animals don't want to breathe that. Plus it's bad for their health. Let them be your motivation!

8) Improve a relationship
We know -- that one friend has been bugging you to get lunch or coffee, and you just haven't had time. Well, set a date and choose a place. But before you go, pick up an adoptable dog for Mutt's Morning Out! You'll bond with your friend while you also give a shelter dog a much-needed break from the shelter. Win-win! 

9) Stop procrastinating 
Adopt a dog or a cat.They won't ever let you skip out on walk time. Or pee time. Or play time. Or dinner time. Or pet me time. Repeat.

10) Set aside time for yourself
Become a Cat Care volunteer! It's therapeutic and you can work independently. What says "me time" better than putting on some good music and shoveling a litterbox?!