Animal Hoarding Case: 58 Cats Arrive at VHS

Dec 19, 2021

Animal Hoarding Case: 58 Cats Arrive at VHS
Harrison County Animal Shelter called us on Friday, December 17, to ask for assistance with an animal hoarding case involving 58 cats in a single-wide trailer home in Perry County. No other shelter had the capacity to take on this case, but after some scrambling, we said yes.

Two hours later, all 58 cats arrived at our door. They are shaken and sick, but stable. Medical processing is ongoing, but our intakes team has already noted injuries requiring surgical correction, sympotms of neurological disorders, and parasite infestation in several cats. All 58 have upper respiratory infection symptoms.

As we evaluate the condition of every individual, our most pressing need is monetary support. Every cat sheltered by the VHS receives, at minimum, $300 worth of medical care, spay/neuter surgical costs, and basic supplies. The costs of this case will exceed that baseline, but we knew that if we turned them away, they would have nowhere else to go. If you would like to contribute to their care, please make a gift here on our website, on Facebook, in person, or by mail.

VHS donation portal

Venmo: @VanderburghHumane

We also urgently need adopters to help us make room for this unexpected influx of cats. If you’ve been waiting to adopt, NOW is the time! 
Open for adoptions Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-6:00 and Sunday 12:00-4:00
December 24: open 12:00-3:00
December 25: CLOSED, Merry Christmas!

We will keep you updated until every one of these 58 has healed and found a loving home.
Thank you to Harrison County Animal Control, in Corydon, Indiana, for partnering with us on this case and transporting the cats directly to our door.