How can I keep my pet from getting lost?

No matter what people think, the unthinkable does happen: pets get lost. It can happen to anyone. Make sure all the proper precautions are taken so that your pet stays safe, and if they do get lost, you can be reunited quickly!

  • #1 most important precaution: Make sure your pet is microchipped and that the information on it is up to date. 
    Microchips are small chips just under the skin that contain a number unique to your pet. The number is registered to your phone number & address. All animal shelters & vet clinics should have microchip scanners to scan all incoming pets. Chips are not GPS tracking devices, but they still save lives. If your pet is not microchipped, we offer this service at our Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic on Saturdays. If your pet is microchipped, make sure the phone numbers on file are up to date by contacting the microchip company (Michelson Found Animals, 24PetWatch, HomeAgain, Avid, etc.)

  • Spay & neuter! Altered pets are a lot less likely to roam in search of a mate. We offer low-cost spay & neuter services at our Spay/Neuter Clinic 5 days a week all year long, no matter where you live or what your income is.

  • Be sure your pet is always wearing a properly-fitted collar with ID tags. 
    (This goes for indoor cats, too!) Don’t ever let your pet out of your sight without a collar. If he or she just got a bath, keep an extra clean collar on hand until you can wash the other one. Be sure to transfer tags between collars. ID tags should contain your pet’s name, your contact information, current rabies vaccination date, and their microchip number when possible. An animal wearing collars & tags will immediately stand out as someone’s missing pet, rather than just a stray to someone passing by. In case tags are pulled off or broken by accident, write your name & phone number on the inside of your pet’s collar with permanent marker.

  • Don’t EVER leave your pet outside unattended. 
    This applies to your own backyard, your vehicle, or anywhere else. Even if your pet, “never leaves the yard,” or “likes to be out in nice weather,” it’s too dangerous. Animal theft does happen, particularly with dogs, even in fenced backyards. In the world we live in, people scout backyards for dogs to steal so they can sell them on Craiglist and make some extra cash. Don’t let this happen to your pet. If you’re not home, keep your pet securely in the house. Reserve outside playtime for when you’re home and can keep a watchful eye out.

  • Don’t let your pet wander without a leash (which is also a violation of Evansville city ordinance) and don’t tether them in the yard. 
    This is dangerous, cruel, and can result in your pet being injured, killed, or stolen.

  • Be extra vigilant around holidays where pets’ routines are often disrupted. 
    The days surrounding the 4th of July are the busiest of the year for lost pets due to the increase in loud fireworks, cannons, and parades. Also be mindful of other holidays where lots of people may be coming or going, such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Memorial/Labor Day. Take precautions so that your pet stays comfortable and secure.