Help Keep the Animals Cool!

Nobody likes to be hot & uncomfortable. That includes our pets who can't just "put their hair up" and change into shorts!

The VHS uses several thousand gallons of water every single week year-round -- and even more in the summer! We provide kiddie pools of water for the dogs each day, and we sometimes hose them down while outside too. They love it! 

Our contractors have also told us that our HVAC units, called ERV (energy recovery ventilation) units, will need replacement very soon.  We have seven of these, and they are all 16 years old. One of them in particular, ERV #1, is leaking and in need of immediate repair. The estimate for this is $7,100. These units are crucial for maintaining a comfortable temperature in our building in the heat of summer. 

Make a splash and give today to our Cool Summer campaign. Put "summer" in the memo line. You'll help us keep the building cool & the water running!