The River Kitty Cat Cafe is Now Open!

Aug 10, 2017

The River Kitty Cat Cafe is Now Open!

We have an extremely exciting announcement to make!

Evansville's very first cat cafe opened downtown on July 14th, 2017 at 11:00 am! It exclusively features Vanderburgh Humane Society cats up for adoption! Anywhere from 10-12 of our cats will be available for adoption at River Kitty at any given time. Since their soft opening on July 12th, we have already had three adoptions!

Cat cafes are very popular across the world and in the U.S. River Kitty Cat Cafe will be only the third one in Indiana. Generally speaking, cat cafes are businesses that serve beverages and/or food, and then patrons can choose whether or not to eat in the cat area (usually for an additional fee.) The same goes for River Kitty: the cats are held in their own glassed-in room with a double entry door.

The cats' food, water, and litterboxes are downstairs in a separate room. It's only accessible through a decorative trunk in the upstairs cat room, which has a hole in the side of it leading to a small set of stairs & a ramp that the cats can use to get up & down. Customers will not ever have to come into contact with the cats' food or litterbox areas!

Earlier this year, River Kitty held a Kickstarter campaign and successfully raised $25,000. Thanks to our generous community, River Kitty is now a reality. They are located at 226 Main Street in downtown Evansville, between Zuki and Comfort by Cross-Eyed Cricket.

For more information, visit or find River Kitty Cat Cafe on Facebook & Instagram!