Quarantine Activities for Families to Do At Home!

Mar 31, 2020

Multiple families and professionals have asked us what activities they and their children can do at home to help the animals. The VHS Humane Education Coordinator has compiled a list of some activities & crafts that kids can do while they are out of school!

Helping Pets Online at Home

GreaterGood's Animal Rescue Site

Kids' Coloring & Activities
Make "I'm Adopted" cards for the animals' cages. Index-sized, any color, decorated with the words "I'm Adopted" with crayon, marker, or colored pencil + animal-related stickers.

Download AVMA "Dog Bite Prevention" Coloring Book

Download "Be Kind Stay Safe" Activity Book

Download "Community Cat Coloring Book"

Download "Common Canine Courtesies" Packet

Download "Maddie's Tail Wag" Activity Book in English and Espanol 

"The Family Dog" Online Training Seminar

Kids' Crafts
DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher Instructions

DIY Canine Snuffle Mat Instructions

DIY Catnip Cat Toys

And, perfect for this particular situation: Toilet Paper Tube Bunny Toys!

*If you make crafts for our animals: please disinfect them with Lysol, pack them up, and leave them alone for at least 5 days prior to donating them. We will not be accepting donations until we reopen after the quarantine, so please check our site before donating. This will ensure that no coronavirus pathogens remain on the items, protecting our elderly & immunosuppressed staff & volunteers.*

Reading About Pets
Red Rover's Recommended Reading List

Professional Skills & Activities
The VHS is ALWAYS in need of a variety of pro bono professional services. A few of these can be done from home. Others are outdoor needs at the shelter, where social distancing can be utilized. Some of our current needs:

  • Graphic Design (logos & documents)
  • Photography & Videography (including outdoor photography and drone videography requiring no contact with people!)
  • Parking Lot Resurfacing, Paving, & Striping
  • Teachers & Education Professionals (helping create education programs by grade that fit Indiana state standards)

Contact our Development Team to inquire about professional pro bono opportunities!