COVID-19 Clinic Drop-Off & Pickup Procedures

If you have an appointment already scheduled with our Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic -- thank you! The VHS is implementing the following procedures to ensure safe distancing for our clients and staff. 


Safe distancing Pick-up and Check-in for VHS Spay/Neuter Clinic

Updated 9/25/20

 The VHS has now expanded the waiting area in the lobby.  You are required to follow these rules:

  • Face mask or similar covering over the mouth and nose is REQUIRED to enter the building. 
  • Only 1 person is allowed out of the vehicle and in our building to handle the pet. No children allowed.
  • Remain 6 feet apart
  • Please monitor your health status and cancel your appointment if you are running a fever or feel ill. 

Check-In (8:00 am for dogs, 8:15 am for cats & rabbits the day of surgery)

Check in begins at 8:00 am or when pick up is completed.  If you arrive early for check-in, please wait in a socially-distanced manner with a mask on. Please be courteous to other clients waiting in line with you by wearing a mask.

Admission forms will be available just inside the lobby. Take 1 per pet.

  • Fill out the form including the services you want in addition to spay or neuter.  Those additional services are near the bottom of the form.  Cats are to the left and dogs to the right. 
    • We do offer e-collars (the lampshade to prevent licking) for $10.  If you know you want to purchase one for your likely-to-lick pet, please write "E-collar" on the form.  We will have one fitted and on your bill at pick up.
    • Be sure to sign the form agreeing to the terms and granting permission to proceed with the surgery and any other services.
    • Attach your rabies certificate, if you have one, to the clipboard. 
    • If you have printed out the admission forms and filled them out prior to arrival, just take a parking spot and wait until we begin Check-in procedures.

Once you have completed the admission form, add it to the stack on the counter. We will go over each client's form and answer any questions you may have during check-in.  

  • Be patient with us as dogs need to be checked in first, but if the dog stations are bottle-necked in the clinic, we will pull cat check-ins forward until dogs spots open up again.
  • We will review the information on your form with you and collect your pet
    • Cat and rabbit parents can leave at that time. 
    • Dog parents will need to wait until the vet has examined your dog and determined all is well for surgery.  We will tell you when that is done.

Pick Up (7:30 am the day after surgery)

Enter the lobby upon arrival.  

The clinic patient flow requires patients being picked up from the previous day’s surgeries to be sent home before we can begin checking in the day’s new patients.  Please be on time at 7:30.  We do add on a $15 late fee if you are not here on time. 

We will go over the care instructions as a group.  You may ask for clarifications at your turn to check out. 

We will review your pet's surgery sheet and other services with you, take payment (no checks or American Express), and reunite your pet with you. 

Again, dogs take priority so we can clean their cages.  

Please follow this process so we can all remain safe. These instructions will come to you via email 7, 3, and 1 day(s) before your appointment. (Check your Spam box too!) Check the date of the latest update to see if we have changed it between mailings.  

We appreciate your extended patience. We are committed to making your Clinic experience as easy as we possibly can while still keeping you and our team safe. See you soon!