Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic

The Vaccine Clinic is offered every Saturday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, excluding some holiday weekends. Clients are served on a first-come first-served basis as time allows. Please note: In order to better serve as many clients as possible and allow each animal ample time with our veterinarians, last check-in time may vary based on our volume of clients.

Effective immediately, unaltered pets (pets who aren’t spayed or neutered) will have a $10 exam fee. This fee will act as a deposit toward your spay/neuter procedure if you schedule an appointment within 1 year. It is our mission to discuss the need for spay/neuter with you during your visit and provide you with low-cost resources to have it performed. Thousands of animals are euthanized every year due to pet overpopulation. There are numerous health and behavioral benefits which we will be happy to discuss with you.

Bear in mind that the Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic is for wellness services only. It is not intended to replace the relationship between pet owners and their regular veterinarian. Only basic products and services are available at this clinic and veterinary advice on other matters will not be provided. It’s important for an animal’s overall health and well-being to be seen regularly by a full-service, private veterinarian. For a list of local veterinarians, click here.

Do not bring sick animals to the Clinic.

Aggressive animals may be turned away and referred to private veterinarians where their special needs can be more easily accommodated. If your dog requires a muzzle to see the vet or be around other dogs, please put one on before you come to the Clinic.

Our Vaccine Clinic does not provide general health exams, nor can it provide certificates for interstate or international travel. These requests need to be completed through your family veterinarian. Requirements for travel should be researched through specific national consulates.

Our Clinic does not provide emergency vet care.