Meet the Humans

Kendall D. Paul
Hometown: Evansville, Indiana
FJ Reitz High School ‘89
B.S. Public Relations, Emphasis in Radio/Television, University of Southern Indiana ‘95
Certificate in Fundraising, Indiana University School of Philanthropy
Leadership Evansville graduate
@VHS: Kendall began her career with the VHS cleaning kennels in 1994. She has since served as the Operations Manager, the Public Relations & Events Manager, and now CEO since 2004. She celebrated 25 years of service to the VHS in 2019.
Pets: 2 dogs, Eleven the Boxer and Dude the Boston Terrier (VHS alumni); 1 cat, Goose (River Kitty Cat Cafe alum); 2 hens; and her VHS office pet, Severus Snake the ball python (VHS alum)
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings
Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs & Pittsburgh Steelers

Allison Miller

Business Manager
Hometown: Evansville, IN
Evansville Day School '99
Indiana Business College
@VHS: Allison joined the VHS Board of Directors in 2016 while working at Banterra Bank. She was a manager of the Evansville Pet Supplies Plus store for 3 years and then joined the VHS as the new Business Manager in March 2021.
Pets: Henry the dog; 2 cats, Oscar (VHS alumnus) and Mogwai; Jello the leopard gecko; a family of hissing cockroaches; and 4 aquariums full of fish
Favorite Music: bubblegum pop, classic rock, and the occasional hip hop
Favorite Movies: Pete's Dragon (original); Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (original); and Pet Sematary (original)

Mackenzee McKittrick

Events and Volunteer Coordinator
Hometown: Bowling Green, Indiana
Clay City Highschool ‘13
Indiana State University ‘18
@VHS: Mackenzee started volunteering with VHS in 2019. She has spent a total of 8 years fostering and is passionate about neonate and special needs kittens.
Pets: 2 dogs, Teegan and Mortimer; 4 cats (2 with CH), Doodle Bob (VHS Alum), Tav, & Edna (nakey girl)
Hobbies: Hiking, volleyball, fostering, organizing and decorating

Laurie Byers
Development and Public Relations Coordinator 
Hometown: Boonville, Indiana
Castle High School ‘03
University of Evansville ‘18
@VHS: Laurie joined the team in the summer of 2021. 
Pets: 2 dogs, Pedro and Louie (VHS Alum); 2 cats, Egg and Gus. Gone but not forgotten: Showbiz, chihuahua/best friend for 15 years
Enneagram Type: 6

Hobbies: RV’ing, hiking, travel, arts and crafts

Wende McKinney
Director of Operations

Hometown: Evansville, IN
Harrison High School ’02
B.A. Psychology with Concentration in Animal Behavior, Purdue University ‘07

@VHS: Wende joined the VHS team as an Animal Care Technician in 2008. She has served as Medical/Intakes Supervisor, and was promoted to Assistant Operations Manager in 2009. She became Operations Manager in 2016.
Pets: 1 dog, Sunny the Golden Retriever; 4 cats, Timmy, Olaf, Tilt, and Betty
Myers-Briggs personality type: ISFP-A
Favorite type of tea: Bubble tea

Amy Hairston 
Assistant Operations Manager

Hometown: Evansville, IN
Reitz High School
@VHS: Amy rejoined the VHS staff in 2019 as the Assistant Operations Manager. Her total time working at VHS, previously + currently, is more than 12 years!
Pets: 2 dogs, Oscar & Lolli; 2 cats, Kittaly & Reggie; and Betty Bunny the rabbit 
If you were a dog, what breed would you be? A mutt! :)
Favorite type of tea: Chai tea 

Cyndi Hoon Donley
Humane Education & Volunteer Coordinator

Hometown: Bedford, IN
Bedford-North Lawrence High School ‘80
B.A. Telecommunications & Theater, Indiana University ‘84
@VHS: Cyndi began volunteering as a docent at VHS in 1995. She was asked to join the VHS team in 2003 and now splits her time between Humane Education and the Volunteer program.
Pets: Joey the Golden Retriever (VHS alum). (In loving memory of Fiona the Golden Retriever, pictured above, who was a beloved part of the VHS Humane Education team for more than 10 years and passed away August 1, 2020.)
Favorite Bands: The Beatles and Led Zeppelin
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cherry Amaretto

Diane Whipkey
Inventory Manager & "Do Everything-er"

Hometown: Evansville, IN
Harrison High School ‘65
West Side Beauty College
@VHS: Diane has dedicated nearly her entire adult life to the VHS’ cause. Her mother was a long-time volunteer until her passing in 1997. Diane carries on her legacy today and has served as a volunteer, Board Member from 1982-2004, and staff member from 2004-present.
Pets: 2 cats, Bailey & Bengal (VHS alumni). (In loving memory of Ms. Wiggles Whipkey, the wiggly pit bull in the photo above who was the Happy Tails Resale Shop "canine CEO" and passed away in May 2021.)
Favorite Movie: Dances with Wolves
If you were a dog, what breed would you be? An American Staffordshire Terrier (“pit bull”) of course!
Vanessa Brown
Foster Care Coordinator 

Hometown: Evansville, IN
Education: Reitz High School & Signature School
@VHS: Vanessa originally joined the VHS team in 2011. After a year away, she rejoined the organization in 2016. She has served in a variety of animal care roles, and most recently accepted the Foster Care Coordinator position in February 2021.
Pets: 3 dogs, Zoey the pit mix, Scotty the Chihuahua mix; and Roxy the Australian Cattle Dog mix; and 2 cats, Jack Action and Palley. All 5 are VHS alumni.
Favorite Music: Elle King, Kacey Musgraves, & 90's country
Favorite Books: Too many to choose! Lately, true crime books (and podcasts.)

Doug Sims
Facilities Technician

Operations Staff
with at least 1 year of service:

Adoptions Team:


Kalea Baize - Adoptions Supervisor

Kellsie Phillips - Adoption Counselor                   

Cameron Lewis - Adoption Counselor

Alana Filgor - Adoption Counselor

Intakes Team:

Helena Brendel-Niles
Intakes Supervisor

Ashley Turner - Intake Counselor

Sam Bailey - Intake Counselor

Animal Care Team:

Alyx Noble
Rebecca Lutton

Wandy Peagues
Michelle Duncan
Madeline Travis
Kayleb Tooley
Nickea Rosignol
Dan Ruschmeier
Taylor Burks
Savana Schmitt
Asia Carr

Clinic Staff:
Dr. Laura Molinet
Full-Time Veterinarian
Dr. Caroline Christmas
Part-Time Contract Veterinarian
Dr. Duane Lautner
Part-Time Contract Veterinarian
Austyn Stock
Clinic Manager
Rachel DeVasier
Clinic Receptionist

Vet Assistants 

with at least 1 year of service:
Maddi Hargett
Brittany Wilkinson
Lauren Stuckey

Kimberly Evans

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