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VHS & the Community | Upcoming Events | Community Programs

Community Programs

The VHS is proud to be part of the following community programs:

Animal Rescues
The VHS is also there for animals in often their greatest time of need. It is not unusual for the staff to drop what they are doing to rush to an animal's need when it is in danger. The VHS was there in 1999 when 2 (3) day old Spitz puppies needed rescuing from a sewer drain. And the VHS was there during the Flood of 1997, when livestock, domesticated pets and even horses needed to escape the raging river. Whether its a fawn who needs to be transported to a rehabilitator or a litter of pups trapped in a hole, the VHS and all of their resources come to lend a hand.


Humane Education
The Vanderburgh Humane Society knows how important educating the public about animals issues is to their cause. The VHS has one full-time employee who provides programs to numerous schools and other groups, including adult organizations throughout the year. Children and adults are taught about being responsible pet owners, the importance of spaying and neutering, how to stay safe around animals, animal abuse and many other topics. Tours of the facility are also given to many groups to showcase first hand what is done at VHS.

If you are interested in scheduling a program or tour of the facility, please call the Humane Educator at (812) 426-2563, ext. 206.


Lost and Found
The VHS offers a lost and found service to the community for their pets. By giving the community a place to call when they have found or lost a pet, the VHS is often able to reunite lost animals with their owners. Through this record they are able to stress the importance to these owners of always keeping a collar and identification tag on their animals. In addition, this service allows the shelter to track any obvious patterns of missing dogs. This is helpful if it is believed any animal theft rings are in the area.

Please call the shelter at (812) 426-2563 Ext. 209 to report a missing or found animal.


Animal Assisted Therapy
The VHS has been an active part of implementing what is know as the Eden Alternative in many area nursing homes by finding the perfect pets to live in the facilities with the senior citizens. In addition to advocating pets in nursing homes, the VHS in conjunction with its volunteers offers animal assisted therapy to 20 area nursing homes in the Tri-State. VHS volunteers and staff, accompanied by a wonderful pet, visit the seniors during weekly or monthly visits. The joy it brings to the people and pets is amazing.

If you know of a facility that would like to receive visits, please call (812) 426-2563, ext. 206


Pets for Seniors

Because the VHS understands the mental and physical benefits of owning pets, the shelter offers adoptable animals free of charge to the community’s senior citizens. The pets for Seniors program waives the adopotion fee for seniors who qualify. Senior adopters must complete the required paperwork and it must be approved by an adoption counselor. The adoption is free of charge if the following qualifications are met:

  • The adopter is at least 70 years of age.
  • The adopter does not have any other pets.
  • The pet that is adopted must be at least 8 years of age.
  • The animal must be altered (spayed/neutered) at the time of surrender.

If the animal was not altered at the time of surrender but all other above requirements are met, then the adopter will be required to pay only the necessary procedure fees (surgery, microchip, and vaccinations).

If all of the above requirements are not met and the animal is not altered at the time of intake, the adopter will be charged the regular adoption fee for the animal.


Foster Care
This program requires you to open your heart and home to an animal or litter in need. The VHS foster care volunteers will take sick or orphaned animals into their homes and give them the proper medicine and care they need to come back into the shelter and go up for adoption. This program has helped to dramatically increase the adoption rates.

The VHS provides all the medicine, food, and equipment needed for the duration of the stay. The foster parents provide the love and care.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please call the Shelter Manager at (812) 426-2563, ext. 220


Kennel Chronicles Newsletter
The VHS distributes a newsletter every other month to all current members, donors, adopters, and volunteers. This newsletter gives the opportunity to offer helpful pet tips, showcase animals up for adoption, and advertise special events coming up for the shelter. This newsletter is mailed out to over 5,500 people. Kennel Chronicles has even been featured in the HSUS National Magazine, Animal Sheltering.

If you are interested in advertising your business or organization in Kennel Chronicles, please call the Public Relations Manager at (812) 426-2563, ext. 214.


Resource and Assistance
The VHS serves as an important resource and offers assistance to the smaller animal shelters in the Tri-State area through training, resource tools and providing other pertinent information. The VHS knows that if other shelters do well, it will help all shelter animals in the long run.

In addition, the VHS acts as a resource to pet owners in the Tri-State by answering questions and solving problems they are having with pets in their home. The shelter understands that if problems can be solved or even prevented, the animal has a better chance of staying in the home and staying out of the shelter.

Finally, because our community is so supportive by donating food for the shelter animals, the VHS is able to offer other shelters and the public food for their animals in times of crises or during emergency situations.


Volunteer Opportunities
The Vanderburgh Humane Society is a great place to volunteer. All VHS volunteers go through a Volunteer Orientation to better understand the needs of the shelter and how they can help. Volunteer opportunities include walking the larger kennel dogs, socializing with the puppies and kittens, and bathing and grooming animals. Volunteers also play a vital part in VHS fund-raisers and community events. From procuring items for the annual Going... Going... Gone to the Dogs! Benefit Dinner and Auction to giving a needy puppy a bath, VHS volunteers make life easier for the staff and animals!

Please visit our volunteer page to learn more about becoming a VHS volunteer!


Public Relations
The VHS strives to keep the public informed with pertinent animal information, seasonal pet tips, warnings about cruelty, and available animals for adoption through a solid Public Relations Program. Four weekly television spots on the 3 local network affiliates (ABC, NBC & FOX) highlight the efforts. These spots allow the shelter to showcase animals who need homes, promote upcoming events, provide useful pet tips and solidify the shelters role in the community.

In addition to the 4 "Pet of the Week" spots the VHS regularly provides photos of adoptable animals to a local cable carrier for promotion on their cable marketplace. The photos are shown with information about the animal and how it can be adopted. The VHS also routinely sends out press releases to all the media in the area concerning tips, warnings, promotions, etc. It is not unusual to turn on the TV or open the paper and find the VHS in the news providing a service to the community.


Safe Pets
The VHS began this program in the summer of 1997 after having learned of another group of animals in our community who need our help. In working specifically with 2 area organizations, the YWCA and the Albion Fellows Bacon Center, we found that many individuals stay in abusive situations for fear of what will happen to their pet if they leave.

The VHS understands the direct link between animal abuse and people abuse. Due to this serious problem, the shelter has expanded their foster care program to include these animals in need of a safe place to go. Hopefully, by providing temporary care for the animals, the owners can seek shelter and attempt to get their life back on track for themselves and their pets.

The goal of the program is to reduce the potential for continued abuse to both people and their animals. Since its inception, the VHS helped 30 victims place their animals in temporary care.

For more information on this program, please call the Shelter Manager at (812) 426-2563, ext. 203.


Humane Trap Rental
The VHS Spay/Neuter Clinic offers humane, live traps for rental. Trap rental is strictly limited to Trap-Neuter-Return efforts for feral and/or free roaming cats. Traps are not available for rent for nuisance animals including wildlife. A $45 cash deposit is required at the time the trap is picked up. Provided that the trap is returned in it's original condition, the entire deposit will be returned when the trap is returned. Deposits will be forfeited if traps are damaged or lost.

Please call the Spay/Neuter Clinic for more information and to check for availability. 812-426-2563, ext. 216 or 217.


2017 Shelter Statistics:

Surrenders 1312
Live Release 878
       Adoptions 768
       Rescues 110
Euthanized 85
Animals Altered
Since July 30, 2007
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